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Standing Rules

The Board of Directors of the Las Vegas PC Users Group, on November 29, 2012, adopted a
policy of creating and maintaining a set of Standing Rules to help define club policies and
procedures. The rules may be changed by a majority vote of Board of Directors at any regular or
special meeting of the Board.

Board Meeting Minutes - Adopted November 29, 2012

Reading and corrections/changes: The first draft of minutes for each meeting shall be sent by the
Secretary , via email, to all elected and appointed Bo
1 ard members within a week after the
meeting. Corrections to the first draft shall be sent, via email, back to the Secretary
1 within a
week thereafter. If necessary, a second draft with all changes and corrections shall be sent by the
1 to all Board members within a week thereafter. If the draft(s) are approved as is, the
Secretary shall be notified accordingly, via email, within a week of receiving the a corrected

Publication on the website shall be done within a week after a
majority of Board members have
approved the minutes. And in all instances, minutes shall be published on the website within 1
month of the meeting date.

Retention of records by the Secretary: The Secretary shall keep a copy of all drafts of the meeting
minutes, the corrections/changes received, all approvals and disapprovals received from Board
members and all signed Waivers of Notice and Consent to Meeting. These copies shall turned
over to the new Board at the end of each fiscal/operating year and be made a part of the
LVPCUG records.

Timeline example:
a Meeting is held.
b. By end of first week: Secretary prepares and eml first draft to Board members
c. By end of second week: Board members respond with corrections, changes or approval.
d. By end of third week: Secretary eml 2
nd draft to Board members.
e. By end of fourth week: Board members notify approval and order to publish on website sent to

The Secretary or Acting Secretary

Last Modified: 1/4/2021
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